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KraussMaffei machine tools to exploit its advances in Industry 4.0. Recent smaller Chinese acquisitions i▓n the German machine tool industry, which include partial ac▓quisitions of H.Stoll by ShangGong Group and Manz by Shanghai Electric Group are motivated to▓ partake in the latest Industry 4.0 developments.While some experts see dangers, others thin

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    Ministry of Economic Affairs said it can&a▓cute;t prevent a Chinese acquisition by law, since no r

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    eal security concerns are involved. Ho▓wever, Berlin called for other German and European companies to issue their bids. Bosch, Siemens

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    ss-Swedish ABB is thinking about an offer, though. Some German experts say China´s subsidies and state-led ▓industry have a systematic advantage over free competition. China´s ec

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    e engaged in short-sighted profit-oriented goals for the benefit of their stakeholders. The fear is t▓hat China could strategically buy out hard-core elements of German industry 4.0

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    knowledge. Yet, there is no large scale buyouts of German industry by Chin▓a as of now, which means that alarmists in Germany are a minority.( The▓ opinions expressed here

  • nese interest in Ger

    do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Panview or ) &nb

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    sp; Panview offers an alternative angle on China and the re

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Jan. 2016, ChemChi

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